Cybernetics, Xenobiology, Alien Technology, Neural Implants, Classified Documents, Weapons, Drugs, Black Market Organs, People Trafficking... 
Whatever you need, Niko can get it. 
Ex black ops merc turned trafficker, Niko is sporting the latest in experimental Xenobiological body grafting technology.



Using his corporate and government contacts, Niko was able to acquire this rare alien specimen. Preserved in a portable stasis unit, this sample will be worth hundreds of millions on the medical and biological weapons market.
Our undercover operative went missing in the field while attempting to intercept and retrieve the alien specimen. His body was later found in a dumpster outside the notorious Harukiya bar.



Over the years Niko has frequently upgraded his body with various cybernetic and genetic augmentations. More recently he has undergone extensive surgery to replace most of his upper body with genetically enhanced alien biology. 
Cross species body grafting is an extremely dangerous procedure and currently has a very low success rate. There are rumors going around that something is wrong with Niko's alien biology. 
Before our undercover operative went missing he had overheard a conversation in which Niko said his alien body graft was growing and he felt scared that it was trying to get inside his mind.