Yellow Cobra

The Yellow Cobra is a hard core thug operating in the New Tokyo area. Little is known about her background at this time. It is clear from her appearance that she has undergone a heavy amount of biological and synthetic augmentation and it is rumored that she is equipped with some extremely nasty and highly illegal weaponized Bio-Mods. It is strongly advised not to approach this individual.

The Yellow Cobra is a murderer and a thief. She is a gun for hire and will take any job as long as it means she gets to inflict pain and suffering upon her targets. She is ruthless and untrustworthy. If a job involves steeling and retrieving items of worth then she is just as likely to kill her employer and keep the score for herself. Her victims will know her as cold and unnecessarily cruel. She has a thirst for ultra violence and frenzy. After witnessing the things she has done I don't think it's possible that she could feel... but if she could it would be hate.